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Startups Magazine's Survival Guide

When a startup embarks on the entrepreneurial journey it can be very daunting, and you may need some help and guidance along the way. Here at Startups Magazine we have created our second Survival Guide issue, sponsored by Digi-Key,  which will give you in depth advice and information from some of the industry's leading experts.

The Survival Guide 2021 will look at the ten key stages startups may need a helping hand with during their entrepreneurial journey. The guide will give extremely in-depth and detailed advice and snippets that startups can use for almost any problem in every step of the way. We want to give some real case studies of founders who have been through it themselves, so startups can see real life problems and solutions. The world has changed a lot over the past few years and it is important to highlight this and what new challenges have arisen for small businesses and makers, and as technology evolves we want to highlight how this can aid these SMEs.
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